Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence
International Conference

9th-11th November 2021

Scientific Committee

Dr. Hayat Yousif (Chair)

Dr. A.Ghani Al Hattami

Dr. Sara Bader

Dr. Haleema Al Aali

Dr. Noor Aldoy

Dr. Salwa Baserrah

Steering Committee

Dr. Diana Aljahromi

Dr. Hayat Yousif

Dr. Amal Alrayes

Dr. Abdulla Alqaddoumi

Organizing Committee

Dr. Amal Alrayes (chair)

Dr. Thuraya Jumma

Ms. Tara Henari

Public Relations Committee

Dr. Noora Alshamlan (chair)

Ms. Preeti Jaiswal

Mohammed Tooq

Dr. Hawra Alshaikh

Technical Committee

Prof. Isa Qamber

Dr. Abdulla Mohamed Alqaddoumi

Dr. Abdulla Alasaadi

Dr. AbdulRahman Sayed AbdulJalil

Dr. Ghadder Ismail

The Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership

Dr. Diana Aljahromi

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