Call for Papers

Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence
International Conference

9th-11th November 2021

The Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership (UTEL) is pleased to invite authors to submit abstracts for papers for its international conference on Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence, which will be held on 9th-11th November 2021.

Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence Conference aims to provide appropriate environments that stimulate continuous professional development through reflecting on and learning from the various practices in these environments. Leadership has become a global trend and an essential requirement in the process of comprehensive development and modernization of professional performance in different sustainable societal change and contribute to promoting and developing the national economy, while academic excellence is a significant pillar in any institution in light of the current challenges influencing its sustainability amidst the digitalization of teaching and learning. Hence, the initiatives of the University of Bahrain and its Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership (UTEL) have long been centred on sustainable leadership and academic excellence in response to the international trends in the field and in fulfillment of the national requirement concerned with developing sustainable quality performance. This conference is the manifestations of these initiatives, as it aims to showcase the best local, regional, and international practices in creating sustainable leadership environments in all institutions and to achieve professional and academic excellence.

This conference will be on two folds: Sustainable leadership and Academic excellence. It aims to promote excellence, sustainability and innovation in leadership and academic practices, and facilitate the sharing of experiences among experts in the fields.

Hint: Conference proceedings will be peer-reviewed and published on Scopus” in the “Call for Papers”

Abstract Criteria 

  • Overall relevance to conference scope
  • Rationale for study
  • Methodology/approach
  • Significance of findings/results
  • Contribution to the topic
  • Language and organization
  • Length (250-300 words)

Conference  Themes

The conference themes and sub-themes are aligned with the Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence as follows:

A. Sustainable Leadership

  • New paradigms/approaches to policy & planning in higher education.
  • Leadership skills in Covid-19 era
  • Leadership in higher education
  • Standardization of practices and organizational process.
  • Requirements for sustainable successful leadership
  • Innovative leadership styles
  • Impact of sustainable leadership
  • Successful practice of sustainable leadership

B. Academic Excellence

  • Academic practices in higher education
  • Academic environment
  • Teaching strategies
  • Learning styles
  • Innovative practices of teaching and learning
  • Multidisciplinary teaching and learning
  • Assessment & feedback techniques in the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Action research in teaching practices and learning processes
  • Impact of quality assurance & accreditation on academic practices
  • Professionalism and continual academic development
  • Digitization & e-learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract Submission Guidelines

All abstracts must be prepared according to the submission guidelines provided below:

  • Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the following link:
  • Abstracts must be written in English
  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words
  • Specify the theme and the subtheme of the abstract.

Full Paper Submission Specifications

Upon receiving approval of the abstract, you will be sent the full paper submission specifications.

Important Dates

Conference date:
9-11 November 2021

Submission of abstracts:

Abstracts approval decisions:
After one week of Abstract submission

Submission of papers:

Papers reviews decision:

Re-submission of papers:

Paper  Submission

Manuscript Submission: All papers with accepted abstracts must be submitted electronically, in PDF format and uploaded on EDAS through the following link:

The submissions should be formatted in IEEE style format, which can be found on the following link. The camera-ready version for an accepted paper cannot exceed 10 pages and must be at minimum 6 pages in length.

Presentation Submission: Presentations will be pre-recorded and submitted via EDAS as video files before October 30th, 2021 to be replayed during the conference. Please note that the final manuscripts must be uploaded prior to uploading the pre-recorded presentation. During the presentation, authors will have the choice of live presentations or recorded ones. If they opt for recorded presentations, authors will need to be available online after their videos are played to answer Q&A from conference participants moderated by the designated Session Chairs. Please observe the following guidelines when preparing video files of your presentation:

Duration of video files: 15 minutes
File Format: MPEG-4 (.mp4) file (use the normal H.264 video and AAC audio codecs)
Video Size: HD (1280 x 720 or other “720p” setting)
Audio Quality: please double check your files before submitting to make sure the audio is clear and audible!

Videos should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides along with audio of the spoken presentation. Optionally videos may contain a shot of the speaker’s head for increased engagement. Many presentation software allow recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files (example PowerPoint).

To upload, first log onto EDAS and click on your accepted paper. Under Final Manuscript, you will find the upload option “Virtual Presentation Upload”. Click the cloud icon and upload your final presentation. You have two upload options:

  1. Choose File: If your MPEG-4 file is under 200 MB, please upload using the “Choose File” button. Once the file name is listed, please click “Upload MP4 Video”.
  2. URL: If your MP4 file is over 200 MB, please input a YouTube, One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive directory URL into the text field. Once the URL is listed, please click “Upload MP4 Video”. Please note that the link must be a direct download link. Shared drive links will not upload.

All pre-recorded presentations will be reviewed by the Session Chairs in order to guarantee relevant and high-quality content. If your presentation is not a strong reflection of the accepted Final Manuscript, or if the presenter is not one of the authors, the Chairs have the authority to reject the submission.

Q&A sessions: following the video paper, one of the authors needs to be on-line to address Q&A moderated by the Session Chair. Duration for Q&A sessions are 4-5 minutes.

Copyright Submission: Login to your EDAS page, click on the +sign at the right of Copyright form, then click on IEEE Copyright Submission (red circles), and complete by answering few questions.

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