Keynote Speakers

Sustainable Leadership and Academic Excellence
International Conference

9th-11th November 2021

Keynote Speaker-Day 2:

Presenter: Dr. Catherine Hack (PFHEA)

Principal Adviser (Learning and Teaching), Advance HE, UK

Keynote Speaker-Day 3:

Presenter: Oleg Figlin

Vice President EMEA

Plenary Speaker-Day 2:

Presenter: Dr. Phil Quirke

Executive Dean Education
Higher Colleges of Technology

Keynote Speaker-Day 3:

Presenter: Dr.Patrick Baughan

Advance HE

Featured Speaker-Day 3:

Presenter: Dr. Samira ElAtia

Transformation of 21st Century Leaders: Lessons learnt and challenges overcome Post COVID-19

Day 2 Panel Discussion


Prof. Amer Qasim

Vice President and Professor, Al Ain University, UAE

He obtained his PhD in Accounting from the University of Aberdeen in the UK. he has published in the areas of accounting education, corporate governance, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics in accounting, and integrating technologies in business education. He is the co-founder of the Young Schools Network community in the AACSB which aims at providing guidance to young business schools in the world wishing to embark in the AACSB accreditation Journey.

Dr. Larissa von Alberti-Alhtaybat 

Associate Professor of Accounting, Vice-Dean Programs

Dr. Larissa von Alberti-Alhtaybat holds an MSc degree (distinction) in Accounting & Finance and Ph.D. in Accounting from University of Southampton, UK, which was undertaken with scholarships from University of Southampton and the Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC), UK. Following her postgraduate education, she undertook a ESRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Southampton.

Following the fellowship, she moved to the German-Jordanian University in Amman, Jordan, a collaborative start-up institution between the German and Jordanian governments. She was a founding faculty member in the School of Management & Logistics, the first head of accounting department and exchange officer from 2008 to 2012. In 2012, she moved to King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, where she was accounting faculty as well as a member of the AACSB and AMBA accreditation teams.

Since 2018, she is Associate Professor of Accounting at Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Business & Entrepreneurship, currently holds the position of Vice-Dean of Programs, and previously the position of Vice-Dean of Faculty.

Prof. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe

ESA Business School, Lebanon 

Her research is concerned with two key themes firstly, women’s development in Arab Gulf states, specifically in the sphere of women’s leadership and entrepreneurial development the role of women’s organizations and networks in facilitating empowerment, and secondly, the characteristics and structure of national and education planning frameworks in Gulf states. She has also collaborated on research projects and acted as advisor and consultant on education development and women’s development to numerous Gulf organizations including inter alia Bahrain Ministry of Labour, Bahrain Management Society, the Women’s Branch of Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in Saudi Arabia, as well as several women’s NGOs. She is currently on the Editorial Board of Human Resource Development International (HRDI) and has just compiled a special issue entitled Women, Empowerment and Human Resource Development in Arab Gulf States to be published in HRDI April 2011. In addition, her book with Dr Fouad Mnoumi, Arab Open University, entitled Leadership and Development in the Middle East was published in the summer of 2011 by Edward Elgar publishing.

Ms. Sharmen Ibrahim

Group director of digital education at Activate Learning Group. UK

The group is located across three counties in England, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Since 2017, Sharmen has been leading the digital provision for the group and has been working closely with faculty staff to ensure the implementation of the digital strategy across the group.  
Sharmen has developed the process of creating online content to be hosted on the LMS, the process of quality checking of these resources and has written the framework for the quality of online teaching resources.

The Impact of the Covid Pandemic on Educational Assessment

Day 3 Panel Discussion


Dr. Samira ElAtia

Associate Dean and Professor
The University of Alberta

Dr. Samira ElAtia is Professor of education and the Associate Dean-Graduate Studies at the bilingual Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta. She specializes in the evaluation of competencies and language assessment. Her research interest focuses on issues of fairness in assessment, especially in bilingual contexts. She has served on experts’ panels of several international testing agencies : Educational Testing Services in the US, Pearson Education in the UK, The International Baccalaureate Organization, Chambre du commerce et de l’industrie of Paris, Centre international des études pédagogiques of the Ministry of Education in France. Currently, she is the president of the Canadian Association of Language Assessment. She holds a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MA from Illinois State University.

Dr. Donald Ipperciel

Chief Information officer and Professor
York University

Dr. Donald Ipperciel is a professor of philosophy and humanities at York University. His main body of work is on political philosophy, Canadian Studies, learning technologies and assessment in higher education. Dr. Ipperciel is completing a mandate as CIO at York University and is re-focusing is on educational issues. 

Dr. Elissa Corsi

Executive Office and Adjunct Professor
Alberta’s Teachers Association
The University of Alberta

Dr. Elissa Corsi is an executive staff officer with the Alberta Teachers’ Association in the government program aera. Dr. Corsi is an adjunct professor at the University of Alberta, Campus St Jean, where she teaches Educational Leadership courses. 


Dr. Sahbi Hidri

Faculty of Education
Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), UAE

Dr. Hidri is a faculty member in the Department of Education in the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus, UAE. His research interests include standard setting, test mapping and benchmarking, test theory, multilingual assessment, test equity, test specifications, SLA and computerized dynamic, assessment literacy, and measurement.



This panel is designed to discuss the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on educational assessment based on a research conducted this past summer. From policy changes, canceled exams, to changing testing protocols, assessments at all level of schooling (from K-12 to post-secondary education) was being re-designed and repurposed in the chaotic emergency of the pandemic. In this panel, we explore this unique situation with the aim to understand how this affected education. The panel is organized into three parts. First, we will explore the policy decisions made by various governments and stakeholders regarding evaluations. Second, we will investigate how these changes made to the assessment process impacted the entire school system. Third, we will present the challenges to moving assessment online from both technical and equity perspectives. We will conclude by sharing with the audience various perspectives on improving the assessment process based on the new realities of the pandemic.

The Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership

Dr. Diana Aljahromi

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